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Requirements and Installation

Homebrew 🍻

For Homebrew users doc2dash is available from a Homebrew tap:

$ brew install hynek/tap/doc2dash

We try to provide as many pre-built bottles as possible.


As of version 3.0, the releases come with pre-compiled binaries for Linux, macOS, and Windows on Intel x64 that you can simply download and run without any other dependencies.


On macOS, you may get a warning about an unsigned binary. To get rid of that you’ll have to open it once in Finder using right-click and it should work as expected from the terminal from then on.


If your platform is not supported yet (or doesn’t work), the latest stable version can be always found on PyPI.

A good way to run it without ruining your Python installation is pipx. Either by installing it first, or by running it directly:

$ pipx run doc2dash --help

As of version 2.4, doc2dash only supports Python 3.8 and later. If you need to run it on an older Python version, use one of the 2.x releases that are available on PyPI.

All platforms that run Python are supported.


To view the results, you will need a docset viewer, the most commonly known being Dash for macOS.

Other alternatives have been developed in cooperation with Dash’s developer Kapeli:

doc2dash is only tested against the original Dash though.