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Supported Input Formats


intersphinx is a way to store API metadata along with any type of HTML documentation. Originally conceived to ease inter-project API linking, it’s been an extension to Sphinx for many years now.

You can recognize intersphinx-based docs by the objects.inv file at the root of the built documentation.

The most common documentation formats that support intersphinx are:

If you find a documentation format that supports intersphinx but yields poor results from doc2dash, please let us know.


Do not attempt to run doc2dash over pre-built HTML documentation downloaded from Read The Docs. Those downloads aren’t direct equivalents of the actual, pristine builds and indexing will not work.

  1. Dedicated support for pydoctor has been removed after it became intersphinx-compatible. If you need to convert legacy pydoctor documentation, please use doc2dash 2.4.1