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Welcome to doc2dash

doc2dash is an extensible Documentation Set (docset) generator that helps you to have documentation for all your favorite APIs in Dash-compatible API browsers.

An API browser is an application that runs locally on your computer and allows you to search various API docs by pressing a key combination and starting to type (I have bound it to ⌥Space bar and can’t write code without it).

The most common ones – Dash (macOS) and Zeal (Windows and Linux) – come with many docsets out of the box, but they can never offer you docsets for every package you’ll ever use. This is where doc2dash comes in: It takes your offline documentation and converts it into an indexed format that API browsers can read and search (very fast!).

Currently it supports all known intersphinx-based documentation systems like Sphinx, pydoctor, or MkDocs (with mkdocstrings). While doc2dash is a Python project, the support is not limited to Python-related formats.

It’s also extendable: you can write your own parser!

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