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Basic usage is as simple as:

$ doc2dash -A DOCS_DIR

doc2dash will create a new directory called DOCS_DIR.docset in ~/Library/Application Support/doc2dash/DocSets containing a docset. When finished, the docset is automatically added to


Convert docs from SOURCE to’s docset format.




Name Type Description Default
--name, -n text Name docset explicitly. If not passed, the parser tries to guess. If it fails, the directory name of SOURCE is used. None
--destination, -d path Destination directory for docset, ignored if -A is specified. .
--force, -f boolean Force overwriting if destination already exists. False
--icon, -i file Add PNG icon to docset. None
--index-page, -I path Set the file that is shown when the docset is clicked within relative to the root of SOURCE. None
--add-to-dash, -a boolean Automatically add resulting docset to (works only on macOS). False
--add-to-global, -A boolean Create docset in doc2dash’s default global directory [/home/docs/Library/Application Support/doc2dash/DocSets] and add it to (works only on macOS). False
--quiet, -q boolean Limit output to errors and warnings. False
--verbose, -v boolean Be verbose. False
--enable-js, -j boolean Enable bundled and external Javascript. False
--online-redirect-url, -u text The base URL of the online documentation. None
--parser importable The import path of a parser class (e.g. doc2dash.parsers.intersphinx.InterSphinxParser). Default behavior is to auto-detect documentation type. None
--version boolean Show the version and exit. False
--help boolean Show this message and exit. False